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CoffyLaw, LLC issued several publications every year and within the year of its foundation. Since then, CoffyLaw, LLC has published a dozen or so of publications, including many that are now considered to be the standard in the legal profession field. CoffyLaw, LLC produces a variety of publications reflecting on their commitment to the legal profession, trend, and excellence. Most of these publications, both having historical legal perspectives and new ones, are freely available here on our page and various libraries.

CoffyLaw, LLC produces publications addressing patent issues, patent law, and patent infringements. CoffyLaw, LLC high-quality research, publications, and practices are relevant for today’s legal professionals and clients trying to have deeper understanding and meaning of the complexity of the patent process, approach, and challenges. Each publication has been developed based on a set of standards and on our understanding of what will benefit you – our clients and communities.

CoffyLaw, LLC publishes more than just patent research content but as well as: intellectual property, patent law, trademark, IP litigation, trade secrets, copyright, e-commerce, business law, immigration general litigation, estate planning and family law. There are significant differences between these publishing materials because they are part of different centers. Some of our publishing materials are a focus on activities as they relate to our standards, guidance-developing activities and committee work. CoffyLaw, LLC welcome and encourage you to submit your ideas for further research and discovery. Please download the appropriate published article for your reading leisure and understand.






Government Publications
115th Congress 1st Session: Stronger Patents Act S. 1390; Trademark Classification; Orphan Works and Mass Digitization