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New York and New Jersey Immigration Lawyers Offer Strong Counsel

Proven advocates handle green card, visa and citizenship matters

Immigration to this country gives individuals, families and businesses the opportunity to maximize their potential in the United States. Unfortunately, complicated rules that govern immigration issues can frustrate the hopes of even the worthiest applicants. CoffyLaw, LLC is a law firm that helps clients from around the world seek visas, green cards and citizenship within our country. From offices in Maplewood and Freehold, New Jersey, and Brooklyn, New York, our experienced attorneys simplify the pertinent regulations and advocate for a resolution that gives clients the chance they deserve.

Firm assists with family-sponsored and business-based applications

From initial visa applications through preparation for the naturalization ceremony, we are well versed in the rules of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Using this background, our lawyers assist with matters such as:

  • Family-sponsored immigration — Our firm helps U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents sponsor close family members who wish to move to this country. The requirements can be difficult, but we’ll advise you on what needs to be done both here and in the nation where your relative lives.
  • Business-based immigration — Finding the right employee sometimes requires a global search. No matter your particular needs, we’ll detail how employment-based immigration applications are prioritized and handled.
  • Immigration bonds — When someone has been detained due to an alleged immigration law violation, we can help obtain the bond that enables their release until their legal status is resolved.

Don’t wait to get the information and support you need from a qualified immigration lawyer. We will help you avoid mistakes and reach a result that lets you live where you wish.

Dedicated attorneys seek asylum and refugee status for persecution victims

Changes to how the United States grants asylum and refugee status present a serious challenge to someone who is facing persecution in their homeland. If you or someone close to you is being mistreated due to their ethnic background, religion or political affiliation, we can outline the factors that asylum and refugee status decisions are based on and assess the likelihood of a positive outcome. When the eligibility standards are met, our attorneys gather the necessary evidence and create a compelling argument for giving a victim safe haven in the United States.

Effective litigators represent clients facing removal proceedings

Even if you’re in the country legally, one mistake can quickly end your American dream. If you’ve received a Notice to Appear at a removal proceeding, you must take prompt action to avoid potential deportation. Whether the case against you involves an arrest, a problem with documents that have been submitted or a different type of concern, our firm will vigorously advocate for a waiver and adjustment in status or some other relief that allows you to remain in the United States.

Contact a knowledgeable tri-state immigration lawyer to make an appointment

CoffyLaw, LLC assists clients from around the world in U.S. immigration matters. We represent individuals, families and businesses in visa, citizenship, asylum and deportation cases. Please call 877-658-6607 or contact us online to schedule a meeting. In New Jersey, we have offices in Freehold and Maplewood. Our New York City location is in Brooklyn.