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Dedicated Family Lawyers Help New Jersey and New York Clients

Proven firm assists with matrimonial litigation and parenting issues

The outcome of a family law matter can affect you and your children for many years to come. At CoffyLaw, LLC, we are New Jersey and New York attorneys with 80 years of combined experience who understand the importance of effective representation in divorce, custody and child support cases. With offices in Maplewood, Freehold and Brooklyn, our firm focuses on the longstanding consequences of domestic legal actions and looks to reach results that clients can live with comfortably. We work diligently to avoid unnecessary litigation but will go to court if that’s what it takes to protect your rights and assets.

Skillful attorneys protect the rights and assets of divorcing spouses

Ending a marriage can be a traumatic event, but it’s important not to let emotions overwhelm your ability to obtain a fair result. We’ll make sure that your interests are respected and that you have the information you need regarding matters such as:

  • Filing — You can file for a no-fault divorce in New York and New Jersey if the marriage is irretrievably broken. Traditional fault grounds, such as adultery, are also available if you seek to allege that your spouse committed some type of marital misconduct. We can help you find the right path based on your circumstances.
  • Alimony — If a spouse seeks alimony, we’ll go over the relevant state provisions so that you can assess whether an award might be granted and what the rate and duration might be. We deliver effective counsel for both spouses seeking financial support and those being asked to pay it.
  • Property division — New Jersey and New York both divide marital assets and debts based on the principle of equitable distribution. This means that a judge determines what is fair. Often, we can work an agreement between our clients and their partners so that property can be allocated on their terms.

Whether your divorce is bitter or amicable, our lawyers will manage the dissolution process with the highest levels of legal skill and personalized service.

Committed advocates handle custody and visitation disputes

When parents of minor children break up, custody and visitation determinations are to be made based on what is in the child’s best interests. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for mothers and fathers to reach consensus on these issues. We make every reasonable effort to reach an agreement that provides a supportive environment for young people and maintains frequent, meaningful contact with both parents. If a settlement can’t be achieved and the decision goes to the judge, we’ll outline the relevant legal factors and present a thorough case regarding the child’s physical, emotional, social and educational needs.

Knowledgeable legal advisers manage child support concerns

Each parent is legally required to provide financial support for their children. In most cases, child support in New York and New Jersey is calculated using factors such as each parent’s income, health-insurance expenses and childcare costs. We’ll look at this information in your case, as well as any special circumstances that might exist, to ensure that the court receives complete, accurate information. Our lawyers also represent parents in child support modification and enforcement actions when changed circumstances warrant them.

Contact an established New Jersey or New York family lawyer for a consultation

CoffyLaw, LLC represents New York, New Jersey and Connecticut clients in divorces, custody disputes and other family law matters. Please call 877-658-6607 or contact us online to schedule a meeting. We have New Jersey offices in Freehold and Maplewood as well as a Brooklyn location.